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Microwave Radar & Radiometric Remote Sensing – THE Book by Fawwaz Ulaby and David Long

Studying radar and passive microwave remote sensing since many years, I’ve always found Fawwaz Ulaby’s dense and detailed Microwave Remote Sensing: Active and Passive series of books in three volumes to be an amazing resource in this field. It is no coincidence that those three volumes are almost always cited and referred to in contemporary textbooks in microwave remote sensing. So I am quite excited to see Ulaby joining hands with David Long, another renowned expert in the field, to bring out a brand new textbook: Microwave Radar & Radiometric Remote Sensing. I have not gotten my hands on the book yet, but I am sure it will be a book worth having in the rack. John Richards, whose own excellent book, Remote Sensing with Imaging Radar, I use in my graduate course on Radar Remote Sensing, has written a wonderful review of this book, and I quote a few lines:

“The lead and contributing authors are the authorities in imaging radar and radiometry. They have been brought together to produce a definitive volume, which will stand alongside other classical texts in electromag- netism and remote sensing for many years to come.”

John Richards also calls this book “the new must have authoritative microwave remote sensing book for the current generation.”

The full review by John Richards can be seen in the March 2015 edition of the IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Magazine.