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On Scientific Fraud – “Willing To Do Anything for an Article in Science”

I recently came across a hard-hitting interview by Professor Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, a biochemist and molecular biologist, who has been a founder member and the first Secretary General of the European Research Council. In this interview, Professor Winnacker points out some of the pressing issues in science publishing, individual and ethical responsibility, temptation towards scientific glory and to have “an office of 60 square metres instead of 20.”

Read the full interview here:

I found one of the remarks by Professor Winnacker very interesting, where he refers to the peer-review publishing mechanism by stating that “we have to trust in the selfcleansing power of science.” But really, one has to wonder, with more and more cases of scientific fraud, and paper retractions, for how long can we keep trusting this self-cleaning power with very little accountability?