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ESA’s Online Course on Monitoring Climate from Space

The European Space Agency (ESA) is offering a free online course on Monitoring Climate from Space to coincide with the upcoming COP21 Climate Summit. This online course aims to give an overview of satellite earth observation technology, its use for monitoring environmental change on the global scale, and how it provides deep insights into climate change to support local and international climate policy / planning, scientific research and public engagement. Leading experts and scientists from ESA and key European research centres will , to explore the science that underpins Earth observation.

As stated on the course webpage: “This course is designed for people who want to learn more about Earth observation, climate change and monitoring climate from space. The course can also help decision makers, policy makers, educators and communicators, to gain a better insight into how satellite data can help them assess the state of our climate and its changes, in order to support climate science, and adaptation and mitigation decisions.”

To find out more details and register for the course:



Advice on Writing Scientific Papers

As a research study nears completion, the researcher has to start thinking of the daunting task of writing and publishing it. Writing the first scientific paper is a complex task in itself, with extensive formatting (I advise using Latex for writing scientific papers), multiple revisions, and writing explanatory answers to the reviewers. There is lot of advice out there regarding how to write a good scientific paper, and here I am collecting a few resources which I have found very useful:

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How to write a scientific paper – Professor Werner Alpers:
Alpers – How to write a scientific paper

How to write a winning scientific paper – Dr. Gregory Lapin:

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