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R-package for Accessing NASA Open-Source APIs

The open-source NASA APIs can now be accessed through an R package; see below:




RStoolbox – A New Remote Sensing Package for R

The Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Research group at the Department of Remote Sensing, University of Wuerzburg, has launched a new Remote Sensing package for the R computing language, called RStoolbox.

The main focus of RStoolbox is to provide a set of high-level tools and functions for various remote sensing tasks. Furthermore, several spectral transformations like vegetation indices, PCA or Kauth-Thomas transformation are available as well, along with several data import and pre-processing functions. RStoolbox is built on top of the raster package and most functions have built-in support for parallel processing.

The toolbox is hosted at both CRAN and GitHub. For further details, visit the info page here.